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PowerCalc-H™ with harmonic modelling is the way of the future with electrical design

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Latest Version
22 December 2023

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Jun 2024 - Perth
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PowerCalc-H™ is the leading electrical engineering design software solution for Consulting Engineers, featuring circuit breaker co-ordination, Harmonic modeling and single line diagram modules.

PowerCalc-H™ Features:

  • Cable Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Time/Current Co-ordination Curves
  • Co-ordination Curve On Screen CB OCR Adjustment (dynamic)
  • User Defined Time/Current Co-ordination Curves
  • Maximum Demand
  • Cable Thermal Stress
  • Let Through Energy
  • Cable Sizing
  • Conduit Sizing
  • Fault-loop Impedance
  • Fault Level Calculations
  • ARC Fault Check
  • Circuit Breaker Selection
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Harmonic Mitigation
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Network Resonance
  • Substation Sizing
  • Single Line Diagram Export to AutoCAD®
  • L.V.Distribution Network Modelling
  • Automatic Mains and Submains CableSelections
  • Automatic Final Subcircuit Cable Sizing
  • Light Fitting and Motor Libraries
  • Reports with Print Preview
  • Direct Online Support
  • Standards AS/NZS,IEE,BS,CP5 and IS (India)